Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT)


NKT is an assessment method that helps simplify complex motor patterns in the body to provide a simple solution for the movement you are having problems with.  A motor control problem can manifest in many ways, including pain, stiffness, and weakness.  Even if you don’t quite know why you feel like this, NKT can help make sense of these symptoms.  People are always surprised to learn that old scars or very old injuries can be the cause of their current complaint.

nkt new lynn

NKT fits right into a regular assessment. Just as you would normally get your strength or flexibility assessed, a specific motor control (movement assessment) is performed, to get a more complete picture.  As a result, the physiotherapist can give you a specific exercise programme to best tackle to cause of your complaint.

NKT can be very helpful for tackling those stubborn and ongoing injuries that don’t seem to respond to other forms of treatment.

Please ask us for more if this sounds interesting to you!  We have a physiotherapist trained in this assessment technique who would be happy to talk to you today.